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  • Yaya Han (Atlanta, GA)

    Yaya Han (Atlanta, GA)

    “When I quit my job to open a costume commission business in 2005, I took the leap to making cosplay my only source of income. Since then my business has slowly, painfully, amazingly developed into a variety of branches, all of which have something to do with cosplay and geek convention culture.”


  • Anna-neko


    It really does go back to ancient days of AOL – usenet boards (rec.arts.anime) anime chatrooms where you might accidentally stumble upon a fellow nerd who had the latest Sailor Moon fansub tape they were willing to trade (for either a blank tape or in one absolutely true case, some recently aired X-Files episodes) From…


  • Charmedseed (Denver, CO)

    Charmedseed (Denver, CO)

    I was born in Indiana and raised in Wyoming before moving to Colorado for college. Having grown up very crafty and creative, as well as a little nerdy, cosplay was a very natural progression for me. I started cosplaying in 1998, when wigs were scarce and only offered in natural colors. We learned sewing techniques…



Currently seeking Cosplay Origin Stories as well as your experience with the pandemic for our archive.

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