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Alternative Covers

Okay to some of y’all who have been following me for more than a year will remember when I posted 2 different covers on Facebook to ask your opinion around fall of 2009. I showed the cover which y’all know today as well as the lower left cover.

What you didn’t know was there was 6 different covers designed by Kyle Johnson.

So I thought I’ll treat you to a sight of the other versions….

The toss-up was two on the top left. I did like bottom left but I thought it would be confusing to people. I wanted to understand what the book was about at one glance and I think the chosen did well. 

My first thought was to go with the top right cover but in the end, decided the motif of the red circle with the title worked better.

Oh, it didn’t hurt that having Cloud on the cover is recognizable. ^^

Which cover do you like better ?–>

(originally posted December 26, 2010)