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Future home of the oral history project but currently the audio recordings I have

  • Myleah of Lumikha Cosplay Resale

    At only 26 years of age, Myleah has already made her way through college, started an anime convention, worked as a journalist and a social media marketer, and most recently created Lumikha Cosplay, a website dedicated to helping cosplayers buy and sell gently used cosplays, wigs, and props. With an impressive resume such as this…

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  • TrisRex (Chicago, IL)

    Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, TrisRex was enamored by horror/sci-fi films, ad comics at a young age. He’s best known for his dark and moody take on well-known DC Comics characters paired with horror elements such as his take on Swamp Thing titled “The Green”. Listen as we take a deep…

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  • Shiratori Hime Cosplay (New Orleans, LA)

    I’ve been a fan of Steven Universe since the very beginning. Mega Pearl spoke to me in terms of the acceptance of oneself. This cosplay was initially made during lockdown. It started out as a just because cosplay with no intention of competing in it. Later on once I decided enter MP into a contest,…

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