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Benjamin (Cypress, CA)

I spend well over a year combining as many outfits as I could to create closet cosplays that actually weren’t half bad, and over time I got better at recognizing what things could go together and look good, and by the end of that year I had made over 120 costumes in addition to the 20 I already had, all with ambition, cardboard, duct tape, marker, cotton, and silk; and of course clothes … and I wore one to school almost every day of my senior year.

[People] were surprised at first, not with me wearing a costume, but with me wearing a different one almost every single day, they were impressed and shocked at the same time as it seemed so unreal and in all honesty it kind of was.

At first I had a few problems with the school dress code because my former high school had probably the strictest dress code of the entire district, so at first I got a lot of gripe from the administrators, but after a while they got used to it, and they started to like it, because I was bringing a lot of spirit to the students, I was actually voted most spirited two years in a row, so all the time I was seen as an inspiration and a weirdo, but for the most part things worked out well for me, but I have to say got hella tiring cosplaying literally every single day, one can only imagine how exhausted I was !

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