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Brandon (Orlando, FL)

I found out about cosplay and conventions from my Vice President from the Japanese Culture Club, when we were in High School. I mostly knew only the culture side of things involving Japan, but she showed me everything, from the anime communities, to costumes, and events. Sadly, he is no longer with us anymore… If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Within the 10 years of my cosplay experience, my mother took a gander at one of my costumes, and was surprised to see how far I’ve taken the hobby of mine, further into something she’d never thought I’d go to. She said to me, “You know you’ve passed me in skill in the sewing department right?”. When she said that, I was clearly dumbfounded, and super happy when she mentioned that I surpassed her! I STILL have the first costume she helped me craft together! With each passing year, I still find key points of what my mother did, not only do I apply it, I also modified her methods as well, and the results come out strongly positive!

In that time, I was looked upon to do a judging for Megacon 2011(My First Convention in 2003), and I greatly excepted, with joyous screaming later after the call! When it was time to do the judging, I was grouped with familiar members/friends that were also judging. I was able to see how much it took to do judging in a bigger convention, I’ve done a lot of judging during that time, only in smaller ones, but not to this scale. My biggest kick out the whole deal is the friends who entered the contest and knew me, didn’t know I was the judge(also didn’t know I can sew too), but I didn’t show any favor or lenience towards them. I showed that I too, can be brutally honest! 

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