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Camille (Los Angeles, CA)

Growing up, I was pretty sheltered. My parents wouldn’t let me watch too much tv or listen to music besides jazz and classical… and that probably is why I grew up so awkward. I couldn’t relate to the interests of my classmates. However, my family was and is still very supportive of anything I’ve been interested in. They had me take so many different enrichment classes from piano to tap, tennis to painting; I was lucky. I learned a lot as a kid. In high school, I finally got a little more freedom. I started watching any anime I could get my hands on. Tsunami on Cartoon Network was my favorite thing! And the rest is history.

I think what really helped me continue cosplay to this day is the fact that I have such a great group of cosplay friends. I used to cosplay alone, which was fine… but in 2008, I just bonded with a group of 4 cosplayers that soon became four of my closest friends. Having friends motivate and complete cosplay projects with has to be one of the greatest feelings. My world has opened up so much. My group of cosplay friends has definitely grown. Cosplay has done so much for me in so many ways. And I am honestly so lucky and happy to have found a hobby that I love so much.

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