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Chip (CHicago, IL)

My group of friends usually gets pretty into Halloween, so everyone wants to have a good costume. And through that I found it was fun to create costumes. I honestly haven’t made that many, but I am proud of my cell-shaded Cyril Figgis suit, from Archer. The Louis Tully helmet was constructed by my good friend, Alan Hawkins, who is a master at Ghostbusters equipment construction – he builds proton packs, for example, and decided to do the helmet.

Cosplaying Louis Tully from Ghostbusters has been really fun! I’m a member of the Windy City Ghostbusters, and we have a whole crew of Ghostbusters, as well as the ancillary characters, Dana, Gozer, etc. We go to local cons as well as march in various parades around town. We also make appearances at events if the event host is willing to donate to a charity we support. There’s always huge support from GB fans, even younger kids who were born years after the movies came out.

I keep cosplaying because I find it fun and challenging to come up with new ideas and make them a reality, and because I always need a good costume for the Halloween parties.

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