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Chunky Cosplay (Anchorage, AK)

So, at first Maybel Pines started off as just a simple costume just to provide some more content on mymusical.ly account. I came in to the Gravity Falls fandom right as the series was ending, but I loved how bubbly and cheerful Maybel was during the show. Also this was a stretch for me as a cosplayer because I have a tendency to cosplay very strong female rolls that aren’t very feminine. Maybel is the youngest character I’ve cosplayed so far. I hope to cosplay more characters like her in the future because I enjoyed getting to be goofy and childish again. During the Con as I was walking around as Maybel I got to take plenty of photos with all the Dippers and Bill’s even found a Gruncle Stan cosplay. So the response to my Maybel cosplay was pretty chill.

I’ve actually been cosplaying since the 8th grade, so it’s been a long time coming. Now that I’m graduated from High School it’s marks as my 5th year of cosplay. This hobby has gotten me through some stuff in my life, it kept my mind and hands busy while my surroundings weren’t stable. In the past 5 years Cosplay has kinda pushed me and gave me drive to stay focused on the positives and learn from my mistakes.

What I’d like go tell the lower 48 about the cosplay scene up here in Alaska is, we may not live in igloos or ride our polar bears and bull mooses to the convention but we have a golden heart for cosplay as we just want to share our frozen love to other cosplayers in different places. Oh! And I would just like to personally add this for all the newer cosplayers is that no matter what Shape, Size, Sex, Age, or skintone you can cosplay whatever you want because we are all Beautiful people.

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