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Cosplay Around the World (2014/2022)

Cosplay Around the World (2014) / 2022 Re-Edit

Where the Hell is Matt (2006) inspired me and I thought to myself, why not do that but with cosplayers? The catch was the money. How would I travel around the world to dance with cosplayers? The answer came to me via cons. People visit cons from outside the US, I would find them, introduce myself and dance with them,

Then in 2014 I heard there was a deal where you could fly from New York to Milan, Prague to Tokyo (with overnight stay in Amsterdam) all for around $300! Obviously someone made a mistake but I went ahead and booked the flight. I was gonna dance with cosplayers from different countries, yeah! I got lucky. World Cosplay Summit (WCS) had a promotional event in Tokyo while I was there and cosplayers from many countries would be there. Ed Hoff was cool enough to help me out. Thank you man!

I took a backpack, a tripod and a Canon G15 point & shoot camera with me and put together a schedule. Start off at New York Comic Con, fly to Milan, then take EasyJet from Milan to Prague. Prague to Amsterdam to Tokyo, then used airline points to fly from Tokyo (with an overnight stop in Hawaii) to Los Angeles for Los Angeles Comic Con. I did the trip Oct 2014 and posted the video in Nov 2014. Fast forward to 2022 and I found my original files (except for Los Angeles, grrrrrr). I thought I would re-edit the video but add in other trips like London (2013), Copenhagen (2014) and Tokyo (2017) were added.

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