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Cosplay Repair Fairy

I pretty much carry on with anything, and I mean anything, that I think could be useful. I have the basics that anyone would have like needle and thread, super glue, hot glue, safety pins, bobby pins, and the super useful carpet tape. I then have some of the useful things that people might not think of but are still pretty useful such as toothpicks, foam shoe inserts, and zipties. Then you got the real out there things that I don’t really use too often like a pry bar, soldering iron, tampons and even a fire extinguisher, just in case. Pretty much either I have it or someone is gonna ask me for it and I’ll try to get it for the next con.

I started back in 2013. I went to Anime USA for a day and didn’t really have any plans so I just came with a bag of duct tape. One of my friends actually made a joke about being a “cosplay repair fairy” and I thought it sounded like fun. I made a sign and helped a few people there. It was actually a lot of fun so I decided to keep doing it and every year since I have just been adding more stuff to my kit until I became what it is today.

I honestly enjoy doing this more than doing other conventional cosplays. For one I like knowing that no matter what con I go to I will have a costume ready and that I only need to update it rather than making a whole new one. More than that though, I really enjoy seeing cosplayers who may have been worried or upset about something in their cosplay going wrong and seeing them get really happy when we can fix it for them. They are always so polite and kind to us and being able to help them out makes any con I go to that much more fun.

Cosplay Repair : @the_cosplay_repair_fairy 

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