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Fallen Feathers Cosplay (Ooltewah, TN)

Been cosplaying since 2001, but I personally haven’t been sewing until 2011.  I’ve always loved Halloween and to have a hobby where I can actually dress up on a daily basis – c’mon!  How could I say no? I’ve always loved being someone else, wearing elaborate costumes…and now that I’ve taught myself to sew, making them just adds to the magic.  I do hate cutting patterns and fabric, but hey, it’s got to start somewhere.  Yes, cosplay is a time consuming project, but I’ve always loved making things.  Being artistic is one of my favorite things, and cosplay is a great out for it.I love dressing up and meeting new people at conventions – that has to be one of my favorite things about cosplay.

I researched for months, gathered materials and made everything from scratch – from the undergarments to the crown, it was all made by me.

Over 14,000 rhinestones and roughly 10,000 pearls all hand sewn and placed by hand, Esther was, hands down, my most difficult piece – honestly something that probably shouldn’t be done by someone who’s only been sewing for 3 years and considered a novice.

Considering it took 10 months to completely fabricate (painting, hand stitching, lighting, jewelry), I was extremely happy and excited to have it finished. If it weren’t for my friends and family, she honestly wouldn’t have gotten done.

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