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Fanatic Wars

TitleFanatic Wars
AuthorMarcel Rius
Release Date2015
Pages / Dimensions182 / 9″ x 12″
PublisherTrilce Editions
Country / languageMexico / Spanish & English


Full-color photographs of amazing Star Wars costumes and other-worldly props

For a long time, Marcel Rius, a self-taught photographer, visited Star Wars fans in their homes, where he portrayed them with and without their costumes obtaining a shocking contrast between the ordinary backgrounds and the crafty, laborious individual transformations. 

Moreover, he accompanied them to conventions, movie premieres and all kinds of events gathering testimonies with the intention of capturing the different motivations behind collections and outfits. That way we come to the conclusion that for authentic fans dressing up as their favorite Star Wars character is more than just a hobby, it’s the opportunity to become someone else, someone that reunites their noblest aspirations, the virtues and strengths they have always dreamt of. 


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