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The GeoCities Project

Launched in 1994, Geocities was a popular web hosting service that allowed users to create their own websites and share them with others. Geocities was one of the first web hosting services available to the public and played a significant role in the early days of the internet as well as online communities to fandom. The service shut down in 2009.

The Archive Team Geocities project was a massive effort to preserve as much of the content from the Geocities web hosting service as possible before it was shut down in 2009. The project was led by a group of volunteers who were passionate about preserving the history of the early internet and ensuring that as much of the content created by Geocities users was not lost forever. The Archive Team used a variety of tools and techniques to scrape and download as much content as possible from the millions of Geocities websites that existed at the time. The end result was an enormous archive of Geocities content that is now available for anyone to browse and explore.