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Gerald (Nashville, TN)

 Gerald of SPN Creative & Mage TV

It all started back at a convention called Omnicon in Cookeville, TN back in 2012. I ran into a group of Kingdom Hearts cosplayers who were in the middle of a small photoshoot.  I was working with an Aiptek digital recorder at the time and decided to give the video a quick test run and started recording some of what went on at the photoshoot. I looked back at the footage that I got from the con and was happy with how the results turned out and I told myself that I really need to stick with this videography venture. 

The best thing about cosplay videography is that it never gets boring whether your working with someone who has a very detailed cosplay or if your changing some of the settings on your camera to get certain look for your video.

My best con story takes me back to the Geek Media Expo. There was a small late night gathering on Saturday where con attendees and cosplayers alike were having a good time socializing with loud music playing and I had just gotten done working with Mage on a video project. My friend Rashad and I are dancing to the music and all of a sudden there are 1-2 people joining in with us and about 5 minutes later a dance cypher is formed and cosplayers and attendees are being called out left and right to get into the dance cypher. Let’s just say that watching a Jedi and well dressed stormtrooper dancing in a cypher made my night.

Despite the weather conditions back at my first con in 2010, it felt great to be surrounded by people who share that passion that you have for a certain aspect of art, anime, film, and video games. Being able to discuss what’s currently going on with any type of visual/audio media was and still is one of the best feelings that I have going to a con and I have no plans of stopping my con attendance any time soon.

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