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Alrighty so here’s my story. Dallas Comic Con . This was my first con to ever attend and I didn’t want to do cosplay at the time, because I was 16 years old and thought grown people dressing up for these events was absurd. Boy how wrong I was! I was hooked after that day. The first time I took part in cosplay was Fan Expo Dallas 2016.

A couple of friends and I spent the weekend there and after seeing how much fun everyone was having in cosplay at a previous con I attended I decided to give it a shot. So I rented a white suit jacket and cane from a local JC Penny and we were off. It was interesting to say the least being pulled aside for countless pictures.

I figured I would cosplay someone I looked like physically so Kingpin was one of the only options. If I’m not mistaken this was around the time the Daredevil series was first coming out but I had yet to see it. Many Daredevil and Spider-Man cosplayers were stopping for pictures and as we posed for our pictures there were more people taking pictures of us. It was an experience I wasn’t expecting. It was then that I realized if your good at your cosplay than you can be a celebrity for a day. I enjoy meeting like minded individuals through cosplay. It’s an avenue for traditionally introverted people to socialize, and express themselves in a creative way.

It’s an honor a cosplayer only dreams of. There was an opportunity presented to me by a fellow cosplayer/con goer who happened to purchase multiple wardrobe items used in the Daredevil show. He offered to let me try on Vincent D’Onofrio’s wardrobe if we were to ever colab.

We had spoken about a potential collaboration but that was before the pandemic but the first Fan Expo in Dallas after the big shutdown we decided to meet up after the con one day and we had a makeshift photoshoot. He’s a hell of a guy to allow me to try on such a beautiful piece of Marvel history, and he didn’t even have to. That was certainly one of if not the greatest moment in my cosplay journey.

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