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My favorite experience while cosplaying Cheryl from Archer would have to be at KrakenCon last November when there was a booth with a flying simulator that people could test out. The booth was blasting Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins and I let loose. Danger Zone is basically the unsung theme song of Archer and I had so much fun dancing to the song in front of the workers and other people at the con. I know most didn’t get it, but it was an amazing feeling for me, and is actually probably my favorite con memory. and there’s the fact that many people call me a “whordiot”, because that’s what Ms. Archer called Cheryl in the tv show.

I have never seen anyone cosplay this particular version of Cheryl before. Archer is one of my favorite shows and i just felt that i needed to do it justice in the only way I know how. The episode when she wears this outfit is phenomenal so I knew that when I would wear it, it would have a special meaning in my heart and to those that watched the show.

It was honestly a spur-of-the-moment thing. I remember watching the episode, then immediately going out to my local hardware store to buy bubble wrap, heat ducts, and blue tape. I think i finished the thing in one Saturday, and it was an experience. I sewed the bubble wrap to a long piece of elastic and duck-taped the tubes together for better support. I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t fallen apart yet. It was really fun putting it on along the way to test how it all would fit. it’s definitely one of my favorites that i’ve made.

Overall, I’m really glad that I’m able to cosplay a character that can make me smile and the people around me smile 🙂

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