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Kathleen Donnelly, Mercury News

Animation that’s for adults only

By Kathleen Donnelly
Mercury News Entertainment Writer

IF THE turnout at AnimeCon – a convention for fans of Japanese
animation – is an indication, Americans will soon be watching animated couples do what comes naturally. And we’re not talking about Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny, either.

About 3,000 lovers of Japanese animation are expected to attend the four-day convention, which begins today at San Jose’s Red Lion Hotel. Featured will be a screening of “I Give My All,” the erotic adventures of the daughter of a wealthy family and her improverished fiance.

_’Love Comedies’_

The 45-minute program is an example of the “love comedy” genre of Japanese animation, a multi-million dollar industry turning out animated programs that, fans say, are nothing like American cartoons.

“Basically, the plot lines are more sophiscated,” explained Cliff Rosen, product manager for Central Park Media, which has just begun to distribute Japanese animation videos in the United States. “There’s a more realistic treatment of violence and sex.”

The programs, along with related comic books, have been enormously popular in Japan. Here, they’ve attracted comic book and animation aficionados – but Rosen says the films and videos are poised to take over a wider audience.

The programs, which include science fiction and action-adventures films along with the erotic love comedies, will be shown 24 hours a day in three rooms at the AnimeCon festival. The festival also has taken over three of the hotel’s in-house television channels.

_Panels and vendors_

In addition, there will be panel discussion with the Japanese makers of the animation programs, and an exhibitor’s hall filled with videotapes, T-shirts, laser discs and other Japanese animation products.

Convention session run from 10 a.m.-6p.m. today through Monday.
Admission is $20 per day, or $45 for four days. Register beginning at 9 a.m. at the Red Lion Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose. Details: (408) 453-4000 (ask for the AnimeCon information line).

San Jose’s Towne Theatre is showing a program of animated Japanese films through Monday in conjunction with the festival. For details, call (408) 287-1433.

Originally posted in San Jose Mercury News, eye magazine
August 30, 1991