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Kelsey (Atlanta, GA)

Since it’s a local landmark, people from out of town didn’t understand it – they just stared in confusion. But Atlanta locals LOVED IT! I’d hear people scream “OMG, THE BIG CHICKEN!!” and they were just so excited. I got to hear so many stories about peoples connections to the actual Big Chicken, I didn’t expect any of it. I’m really grateful that I got to make so many people happy with just a simple cardboard costume!

My friend Michelle inspired the idea. She owns a costuming/prop studio called Overworld Designs and co-hosts this awesome Twitch Creative show called Making It Up, where they encourage people to make cosplay, props, and anything else they can imagine.

She showed me some fan art depicting this local Atlanta landmark, the Big Chicken, in mechanical armor with ketchup and mustard squirt gun arm cannons. It was hilarious! I grew up in the suburb where the Big Chicken is located, and always loved it.

Thinking about someone cosplaying the actual Big Chicken made both of us laugh so hard, I felt like I had to do it. She was really supportive of it, and I’m so grateful for the inspiration!


Cardboard, googly eyes, fabric, paint, glue and tape. I really like the cheap cardboard costumes people throw together, and knew that’s what I wanted to do. The costume almost didn’t come together in time, though!

I had to do some last-minute work on a Half-Life Metrocop group cosplay with Overworld, and being a procrastinator, was running behind on the chicken! Luckily, my friend Amy, who is an amazingly talented cosplayer and crafter from San Francisco, helped me finish it in the hotel room. I’m not sure I would have finished without her!

If you’re interested in cosplay, give it a try. This community is seriously amazing, no matter your level of skill or dedication. It’s never too late to take a chance on trying something that could make you happy!


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