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KnightmaGe (Youngstown, OH)

’ve always loved Spawn as a character but loved his design even more.  It took me about 15 hours total to complete.  It’s also the first suit that I completely sewn myself so I’m proud of that. For fans of the character it’s always excitement.  Not only do they get to see a rare Spawn cosplay but no one does the burnt face.The best was when Todd McFarlane messaged me with how he loved it.

When I first started cosplaying the looks I would get from people, mainly co-workers were crazy. I got ragged on all the time. Once they saw all the fun I was having. The places I was going. The people I was meeting. The doors that were opened by it. They changed their tune.

The charity work is something that words can’t describe. The feeling is absolutely amazing. There really is nothing better than a little one running up with arms out wanting a hug from their favorite superhero. That’s a lasting impression not just for them but for me too. I try to advertise a lot of what I do, not for recognition but, to try and inspire other cosplayers to get more involved. I don’t think many really know the influence and power they have.

Cosplaying means something different to everyone; for me it’s a multitude of things, mainly inspiration. I’ve found that you can really inspire others, young and old in a positive way through cosplay. It’s also a form of escape; it’s a chance to become someone else. You put a costume on and you often feel that you are that character.  

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