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Lisachu (Anchorage, AK)

I chose to make a Vault Suit because Fallout is one of my favorite games. I’ve made other outfits from the series in the past, but held off from making a vault suit because I couldn’t decide which vault number I wanted to put on the back. I started thinking it would be interesting to make an “Alaskan” version of the suit, I remembered playing Operation Anchorage many years ago and although it was fun I wished there had been more to it.

To make my vault suit Alaskan: I added a faux fur trimmed collar, bottle caps from our local brewing company (Alaskan Brewing Company) a camo belt and gloves, the Alaskan license plate bracer and my xtratuf boots. I repainted the pipboy in blue and gold and added the Big Dipper to match the state flag. The vault number on the back of the suit is our state number, and the Big Dipper is on the back of the suit as well.

The response to this costume at Senshicon was overwhelmingly positive! I am so happy that so many people enjoyed this costume! I had a few people tell me they wanted to make a Vault Suit 49 for next year, and I think that would be amazing! Maybe someday there can be a big Vault 49 gathering at Senshicon!

Senshicon is always a fantastic time. Every year I cant wait to see all the wonderful costumes and how see how creative everyone is. Some friends I don’t see throughout the year and only get to see at Senshicon, and I look forward to it!

I’ve noticed the Alaska cosplay scene has grown so much just in the last 5 years that I’ve been taking photos at Senshicon. The cosplayers I’ve met in this state are a great group of amazing, supportive, and extremely talented individuals.

Two of Senshicon’s cosplay guests this year, Waruc Cosplay and Dinashi Cosplay, are from North Pole Alaska, and they create such incredible costumes. Cosplayers here are also very willing to help each other out, and from what I’ve seen there is not a lot of drama and rivalry. Alaska’s cosplay is growing more and more every year and I can’t wait to see what it’s like in another 5 years.

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