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Mae Mae Twin

There a lot to this to be honest. It’s made me step back and see that I definitely spent a lot of money and time cosplaying so I’m trying now to be conscious of what I consume to make the costume now and also direct funds for others things. I still want to make cosplay but I’m being extremely choosy which ones. Also with COVID being a health risk factor- it’s made it hard for me to be back in con spaces that won’t take precautions or be with friends who aren’t taking precautions either. It creates a hazardous place for those immunocompromised who want a safe space and I no longer feel safe going or being with people I trusted… Especially feeling safe with my health.. because beside the short and long term effects of Covid happening with each infection – there are other diseases and illness on the rise as a result of Covid weakening immune systems (like TB) that make me very wary of cons and cautious of who I give my time to. Sure you can live your life and have fun at cons- but ppl and events can do it safely like outdoor events, having good ventilation and masking. Because in the long run- investing in ones health is important. And you can’t have fun at cons or making cosplay when your health takes a turn for the worse (immediate or eventually)