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MelPool (Washington DC)

So last year when I was with my family over Christmas break, I binge watched Young Justice on Netflix. When YJ first came out I was still super busy with school and never got around to watching it, but after I finally binge watched it I was blown away by how deep the story and the characters were, and like everyone else, was begging for a season 3 (and hey, we’re getting it!). So I remembered taking a particular interest in Aqua Lad and how in season 1 he was this steadfastly loyal character and a natural leader so much to the point that Dick Grayson made him leader of the team. And it kinda clicked in my head that I had a bit of a natural resemblance to the character and it hasn’t been cosplayed much, so alas, a new cosplay idea was born.

The bodysuit is a screen printed spandex suit from ZentaiZone. I made my water bearers and backpack with EVA foam using an old drawstring bag as the base for the backpack. The real fun with the cosplay is the prep time. It takes me approximately 2 hours in the morning to paint the tattoos on myself, color my hair yellow, apply makeup, and then seal everything off.

So general con reaction… everyone loves it! With all the hype with season 3, this cosplay has certainly gotten the attention of many people and has quickly become one of my favorite cosplays. With me being part of a Young Justice group at #Fanime, we certainly got a ton of attention and couldn’t move too far without getting stopped for pictures.

I did have one rather odd moment while wearing the cosplay. At Katsucon this past year, a young woman walked by me and said, “You can take me under the sea any day of the week.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that.

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