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Punished Props (Seattle, WA)

I’m way into video games. For example, I played World of Warcraft for five years. At a certain point the only way that I could express how much I enjoyed my favorite video games was to create costumes of my favorite characters and wear them in public. That’s what originally got me into cosplay back in 2009.

Cosplay is my ultimate expression of my enthusiasm for my favorite video games. It got me into learning how to make more and more intricate props and costumes. With each new project I expanded my skill set and my collection of tools. This allowed me to make things quicker and better. Eventually I earned some notoriety online and people started asking me to make props for them! I did that for a year or two before taking the plunge, quitting may day job, and starting my own company! That was over 5 years ago and I’m still going strong.

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