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Rachel (New Orleans, LA)

When I first started cosplaying was a silly thing and only thought you could dress up on Halloween. After a few years of myself cosplaying, I told my mom that she should try it out with me for Halloween at least. We made her an Ursula cosplay from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and she suggested I make Ariel to accompany her. We tried it out and she told me she loved acting like her around the kids and the parents loved that she was willin to dress up with me. A few years later we brought her to MechaCon down in New Orleans for their formal ball event. She was asked to be their Ursula in their Disney themed ball.

Stepping out in a full room of hundreds of people she felt nervous but remembered if her daughter can go out and have fun being a character she loved, then so can she. Overall she loves being in characters you don’t see cosplayed often and that she loves to go to conventions and make the fans happy. She said it doesn’t matter if your old or young, be happy in the costume you are in and be yourself or be the character you love to be.

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