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ReCore’s story resonated with me a lot and I find Joule very relatable. Since it was my first time working with worbla, or doing anything armor related, I wanted to give myself a challenge and her bracers intrigued me, since you don’t see those kind of builds often.

I was very inspired by other Alaskan cosplayers to make my entire costume by hand. So a lot of the process required me to teach myself many new mediums. I built all my armor pieces out of worbla, sewed my belts, straps and shirt, as well as wiring LEDS for the bracers. I had a lot of advice given to me from other members of Cosplay Alaska, especially Waruc Cosplay / Dinashi Cosplay.

Unfortunately Joule isn’t an easily recognizable character, but even though no one really knew who I was cosplaying they all really liked the distressed, post apocalyptic look my costume had. A lot of people were very interested in the construction of my bracers since they had locomotion/joints.

I owe a lot to my husband and his support. He’s encouraged me to do the things I love, and shared my enthusiasm in my projects. He actually helped me with the paint layout for my modded nerf gun! Without his advice I swear it would’ve looked like a blob. Hopefully next year, I can finally get him to cosplay with me. That would be the ultimate accomplishment!

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