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Regina (Portland, OR)

When I started getting interested in cosplay and costuming, I had absolutely no knowledge of sewing or fabric! I remember going to @FabricDepot in Portland for the first time with my mom (because she had told me all about it!) and I was so overwhelmed. It’s basically Home Depot for sewing–and it lives up to its name. The store is huge and has so much to choose from. Needless to say, 14 year old me didn’t know where to begin. But, I remember this old lady who was working the info desk. She easily could’ve been my grandmother and was incredibly kind. I showed her a picture of what I wanted to make and she walked me through what kinds of materials she thought would be good and why, going so far as to ask what the character does in their daily life so she had a better idea of what quality materials to use.

This little old lady doesn’t remember me, I’m sure, but I will never forget how kind she was! She absolutely encouraged me to continue to sew and follow my passions and her warmth and guidance is something that I can say inspired me at a time when I was new and scared to my hobby.

For me cosplay is a lot if things but mostly it is fun. It is my stress reliever, and my way to express myself creatively. It’s problem solving, it’s design, and like I said, it’s fun!

I think cosplay has helped me be a more confident, and also conscious person. I’m more confident in myself and my ability to interact with others, and because if that I have become more aware of other people


At first they [my parents] were confused as to why I was spending so much time and money on costumes, but now they are supportive of it all. They love that it makes me happy and they can see that I have grown as a person as well, and I think they enjoy what it has done for me also.

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