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Sarah (Nashville, TN)

Styling wigs can be a pain trying to manipulate the fibers to stay in these shapes and forms that real hair has no control over. You sometimes want to give up because after 2 hrs you’ve some how glued your index finger and thumb to the wig which sets you back so you grab your Acetone, remove yourself from it, take a small break, then continue on with your gravity defying wig styling abilities!

I’ve Been cosplaying for 5 years…. I love the aspect of getting to make a costume and getting to connect with different people who love the same things that you love and yet you and the other person do totally different things in the real world job wise. I also love the community that I’m apart of when it comes to artistry I still do buy some of my costumes but more than half of them I make. The talent and craftsmanship I’ve seen here in Nashville is MIND BLOWING! Since I’m a make-up artist most of my costumes are make-up based so that’s the one thing I can’t stand is having to wake up at 6am in the morning to do a 4hr long make up process (which my Mira Jane will take at this convention) but it’ll be so worth it in the end.  

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