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  • Project A-kon (1990) – Jack Thielepape

    Project A-kon (1990) – Jack Thielepape

    Photographer : Jack Thielepape Email : Result : Link : https://web.archive.org/web/20010820052957/http://www.homestead.com/akoncosplay/gallery.html Recovered June 3 2024

  • Warren (Chicago, IL)

    Warren (Chicago, IL)

    Susumu Kodai from Space Battleship YamatoCosplayer: @the.yamato.boyPhoto : @m_padron15 Funny enough at anime cons, not a lot of people recognize it as the Space Battleship Yamato, they usually just get hyped over seeing a massive ship at a con or war buffs notice the resemblance. Only a couple of people have recognized it. The ones…

  • Cosplay in the United States (1995)

    Fashion and style, glamour, glitz aand Gamilons? Obviously these are not the runways of Paris, the pageant that we’re describing is the fantastic world of COSPLAY. Cosplay is an abbreviation of the words costume and play and implies more than just standing on stage and allowing the audience to gawk at your wardrobe. Cosplayers perform skits, sing songs (or at least lip-synch) and attempt for one…

  • The Whole Costumer’s Catalogue : A Review 

    By Alessandra Listen up, children.  Once upon a time there was no such thing as the Internet.  In those dark days we had to scrape and scrounge what information we could find wherever we could find it: public libraries, phone books, bulletin boards, the backs of obscure magazines. There was no easy way to locate…

  • To Be Others is to be more like ourselves

    By Andrea Letamendi. Why might a person want to become someone else? What would compel them to put on a costume and assume a different identity?  We might ask what flaws or deficits they are trying to conceal. What history, what personality, what kind of life are they trying to escape? What are they hiding…