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    I print out multiple references and in my sketchbook I draw out the separate pieces that are not so visible. I also research fabric types and write them down so I have an idea on what I want and include extra pieces I might need to help me put the outfit together more conveniently. – Hlee Xyooj…

  • Consuela Cosplay

    Consuela Cosplay

    The character of Consuela was actually suggested to me by a close friend when I was looking for a cosplay idea for Emerald City Comic Con. I didn’t want a character that was over sexualized, nor a character that would be common. I wanted a character that would fit my physique, simple enough to put…



    Photo: @terrance_clifford Dani is one of the few fully developed Indigenous characters in comic book history, let alone a Native Woman. I decided to give her more authenticity by including items like Native-made jewelry and a bandana that highlights Indigenous philosophies and issues: Defend-Resist, Protect- Renew. The response at cons is always well received. Sometimes…

  • Cosplay: The Illegitimate Child of SF Masquerades

    Cosplay: The Illegitimate Child of SF Masquerades

    by Michael Bruno The most enlightening panel of the entire convention turned out to be not what I was really expecting. During the “Cosplay Roundtable” panel at Nan Desu Kan 2002 this last weekend, I was expecting a panel of costumers to be answering questions posed by the audience. However, this was not the case.…

  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2023: Farewell to the Cobb Galleria

    Anime Weekend Atlanta 2023: Farewell to the Cobb Galleria

    After visiting my first anime convention in my final months of college in March 2007, DaigaCon in Bowling Green, Kentucky, I knew I needed to seek out more conventions to feed my burgeoning love of anime and the fan community. This led me to wake up my sister super early on September 22nd, 2007 to…