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  • The Whole Costumer’s Catalogue : A Review 

    By Alessandra Listen up, children.  Once upon a time there was no such thing as the Internet.  In those dark days we had to scrape and scrounge what information we could find wherever we could find it: public libraries, phone books, bulletin boards, the backs of obscure magazines. There was no easy way to locate…

  • To Be Others is to be more like ourselves

    By Andrea Letamendi. Why might a person want to become someone else? What would compel them to put on a costume and assume a different identity?  We might ask what flaws or deficits they are trying to conceal. What history, what personality, what kind of life are they trying to escape? What are they hiding…

  • Sterling & Gretchen (Kansas City, MO)

    Sterling & Gretchen (Kansas City, MO)

    “One year there was an evangelist preaching outside to all us con-goers telling us what we were doing was sinful, and a bunch of cosplayers went up and gave him hugs. Well, they tried to. He wasn’t having any of it.” – Gretchen

  • Yaya Han (Atlanta, GA)

    Yaya Han (Atlanta, GA)

    “When I quit my job to open a costume commission business in 2005, I took the leap to making cosplay my only source of income. Since then my business has slowly, painfully, amazingly developed into a variety of branches, all of which have something to do with cosplay and geek convention culture.”

  • Lindsay (Chicago, IL)

    Lindsay (Chicago, IL)

    “As for my best con experience, it has to be at SDCC 2013. I ran into the producers of Tron: Legacy. They were so incredibly excited to see me and the costume. They got pictures with me, and spoke with me at length about my love of Tron, and the costume.”