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“Our lives can be kind of stressful, and when you walk into the doors of our show or another show like it, we want you to forget all of that and spend the next three to four days just having a great vacation and celebrating your nerd-dom and celebrating art and celebrating the weird funky stuff that keeps our society different,” — Kristina Rogers

Before my first ECCC, I put out an email to friends and family, so excited to have a group to attend this event that had so many wonderful panel guests. Only one person replied, my dear niece Stephanie. Keep in mind, I was in my 60s, and Steph in her 40s, but it was revealed that we shared a heretofore unknown nerd gene! We both loved sci-fi; I was a “Firefly” fan, and she was a Marvel aficionado. We ended up going to four or five ECCCs together (she flew in from Sacramento). I have so many memories of those magical times. Steph unexpectedly died this last December. She had issues that she faced with courage and grace, and I know that our adventures at Comic Con were highlights of the last decade of her life; I know they were for me.

Margaret Rowe

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