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Sheik (San Francisco, CA)

I grew up watching Wonder Woman with Linda Carter in it because my mom loved watching the show. I loved how beautiful, smart and tough she was. Everything you kind of want to be but hardly see in shows with women. You may have pretty, you may have smart…but to be kicking butt too? So I was just in awe! \

We couldn’t find a cool costume for Halloween so my mom made one and that’s also how I got into cosplay. She taught me to sew. As I grew up I wasn’t too into the cartoons and so when this movie popped up I was beyond excited! Watching the new movie brought back so much nostalgia. The lasso of truth especially! I love that they kept her strong through the whole movie and didn’t emphasize on any male leads really doing much. Like, she WAS the show. 

You don’t often see women taking the lead and keeping it. All I know is that is was beautiful and I felt the child in me squeal with excitement. I probably actually squealed a few times. The movie was amazing and I hope more people can watch it. I hope more Female-lead action movies come out as well. ????”

— Sheik

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