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Soydoka (Chicago, IL)

I decided to crossplay as Ruby Rose because she is my favorite character from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY. She’s fun character in the series, can be silly at times, and puts in a lot of heart on whatever she does. Her character is cute to

Getting into Ruby or any of my crossplays can be a quite a chore. On average it takes me about 2 hours, with most of the time goes into makeup. I know I’m not the best when it comes to the makeup, I’m still learning. I do take my time putting it on, my mind tells me to look not only as best as possible, but as passable as possible.

From primer to foundation to lashes to lipstick and more in between, I have a high standard to look my best when I’m out there, especially when I’m in cosplay. Her costume is probably the easiest to hop into. It consists of getting the contacts on, putting on black tights, the outfit itself, and the red petticoat to poof out the battle skirt, zipping the boots up, and finishing it off putting on the wig. Don’t want to forget my prop and her trusty gun-scythe weapon, The Crescent Rose. 

All the hard work from researching photos online to seeing you wearing the completed project in front of the mirror is the best feeling ever! It’s really satisfying to see a transformation gap between the real you and the crossplay you.

Wearing Ruby Rose the first time in the convention was indeed very well received and mainly positive. I’ve been complimented by convention attendees on how cute and amazing I look in costume, in many which completely thought I was a woman. I even had some friends who walked right pass me and they did not recognize me at all until I have to go up to them to say “hello”. The looks in their surprised faces amuse me. Even random strangers who weren’t even part of the convention stopped me to grab a random photo because I was cute. I don’t mind it. I just play it off like its normal. 

The first thing that always circles my mind is “Do I pass?” It’s a mindset that I always have because I don’t want to be that one weirdo guy who dresses like a woman and look creepy in it. Even just walking around and keeping a casual eye contact with others is a bit nerve-racking. I just want to be a passable crossplayer who can be cute, beautiful, or just look amazing in costume. The only one I can’t do yet is pretty much the speaking part, but I’ll eventually start working on that so I can fool many others.

 Posing in front of photographers is something else I need to work on and to this day it’s still challenging for me. I’m more of a relaxed, chill, and sometimes lazy type of guy. So my postures are usually slouchy, leaning, and carefree. Characters like Ruby that are very energetic, innocent, and sometimes be girly, which are traits I don’t usually adapt in my everyday life. The only way I can achieve this is practice. I look up photo references, watch videos of the show, and pose in front of the mirror, no matter if I’m in or out of costume. 

There may be some challenges that probably forgot the mention, but those are some of the bigger ones I faced. Although being on the convention floor really helped my nerves go down and raise my confidence because I’m surrounded by many people that are mostly comfortable to whatever they wear. We all have different skill levels, different races, sizes, genders, etc.

I’m not the most perfect, the most passable, nor the best crossplayer out there, but I want to be really good at what I do at the best of my ability. I’m really happy that everyone I know around me had given me the opportunity to go out there and look as wonderful as I can.

(Header Photo ; CosplayerwithCamera)

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