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To be honest, the pandemic has truly affected my going to conventions. I have a disease in which affects my blood vessels located in the brain and optic nerve which can cause aneurysms any time. I have not left my home since 2020 because this pandemic targets my disease as well as the vaccine targeting my disease as well. I have been able to see my friends online through Instagram and Twitter, as well as see them go to conventions. I haven’t stopped cosplaying- it has taken me awhile to get into it though. I actually became way more into cosplay because of this pandemic. I have more cosplays than ever and it has truly been my escape. I just cosplay in my home.

My goal is to actually go out in cosplay and take photos outside(away from people and fully masked); and to actually see my friends in-person again and just go to like a cafe or restaurant or just walk around our area. My mother has been a huge help for me and super patient( seriously the best mom) and I just want all of us to get together again.