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Steffanie (Ashburn, VA)

Photo: @Zarf_

I’ve only been doing cosplay for about 2 years. But in that short time, it’s become a major part of my life. My first con was MAGFest – which I will be attending again this coming January. I will be attending Katsucon again in February. When I first decided to go, I knew I wanted to cosplay but, of course, as a first-timer, I had no idea what to do. I was part of a large group going. Most of them wanted to develop extensive cosplay costumes. However, since they were all new, many of their ideas proved to be problematic.

I saw a post on one of my favorite apps/ websites, 9GAG, of this girl who brought tools to repair people’s cosplays. Being a person who always loves to help others, I was immediately attracted to this idea. I built my own take on the idea. Now, I have what I believe to be an impressive set-up and a good amount of experience.

The best part of being Cosplay Repairs is the large number of awesome cosplayers I get to meet. I’ve made many great friends at con. I love the community. For me, the joy comes from seeing the relief and gratitude of the people I help–especially when I see them later in the day and learn that my repair has held up.

Some of the most fun are the reactions people have to what I do. Many of the people who come to me are frustrated or despondent because their cosplay was damaged so whenever I come along with whatever amount of tape, glue, or creativity I have, seeing them light up is incredible. Many of them are so grateful and appreciative. They often don’t believe that I actually have something to help them. I’ve made many friends because we end up spending  time together as I fix them. People often take pictures with me.

One of the most amusing things I’ve picked up are the nicknames– like “Cosplay Jesus,” “Cosplay Saint,” “The Real MVP,” or, my personal favorite “The Hero We Need.” I respond to all of these with a laugh and gratitude.

My biggest accomplishment as Cosplay Repairs was working as a Gofer for Otakon. I was working with a wonderful group, and I learned a lot from them. They have forever made me a better Repairs person. Yet, my proudest moment was when I made the Hot Page on 9GAG because it went around full circle–I went from seeing the post from the girl who was doing this awesome service to being her.


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