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Stephen (New York CIty, NY)

I started cosplaying for last year’s NYC Comic Con and loved it, That year I was a Jedi Knight and a Elven Decker from the RPG Shadowrun. I do cosplay with my girlfriend and roommate and other friends. I love making the costumes and seeing how creative I can get with altering stuff to match characters and like taking a old Keyboard and adding some LEDs and fish tubing and making it into a Cyberdeck my Decker uses to hack virtual realities. Or making foam look like a massive set of power armor.

As for building the costume in NYC, it proves to be a big challenge, there’s never enough space, and can’t be too loud with the tools, which sucks when you need to sand or drill at 1am. Also can’t have a lot of bigger tool sets Id like to have.

Painting is a issue since you have no outdoor space to leave things to dry, I did some spray painting in the street and house paints inside for most of the place which provided a pain since I had to take up the kitchen for days on end.

There’s a lot of stop and go and mistakes. Sometimes, it will take me weeks to solve a problem that didn’t become apparent till much later in the build or something that did work fails when it’s full put together. 

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