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Stephen (UTAH)

I have only kind of dabbled in cosplay. I don’t go to a ton of cons because of money, but I love AX so I try to go every year, primarily for the cosplay. I got started with Assassin’s Creed cause it just looked really cool. The following year I did a Ganondorf cosplay and I realized it took a lot to do with the makeup and all the pieces. Last year my ankle was broken so I couldn’t go and this year kind of snuck on me.

My mom is a seamstress and loves to sew so she helps me make a lot of my cosplays because it helps push her creativity. This year was one of those when I was like “what can I put together in a short time frame that would also be unique”. For some reason I just ended with a Muk. Pokemon cosplay is kind of something I want to look more into so this was an easy door to go through.

The reaction at the con was awesome! People recognized it a lot (though some people called it Grimer… forgivable though). I only did it one day because it was kind of a hot cosplay, but the Pokemon group at AX is always super cool and I should have done it on Monday too. Oh well. The best story I have was the very first person who took a picture with me ended up giving me a hug after and said “your cosplay is awesome, and I truly hope you have an amazing con”. I couldn’t really see through my screen very well so I couldn’t really tell you who she was, but it kind of set the tone for the rest of the day, and it was a blast.

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