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Summer Cons

I’m bracing for myself for a very busy few months….

You see, Anime Central is next weekend and I’ll be there with Epic Cosplay wigs in the dealer hall with my book “Cosplay in America”, my photo booth, and my sleep-deprived body – lol, come watch Ejen get more and more crazy as he gets less and less sleep !

But that isn’t the tiring part. The following weekend is a 4 day con in San Jose. The weekend after that I’m in New Mexico for a photography portfolio event called Review Santa Fe where I hope to make some contacts to finance the 2nd volume of the book. Then the next weekend I’m in Dallas for A-Kon – then the weekend after that I’m in Tampa for MetroCon then I have a weekend off but the following weekend is Anime Expo, another 4 day con – with Hatsune Miku performing *yay* , then two weekends off, follow by the 4 day event called San Diego Comic Con, then the weekend after that is Otakon, then the weekend after that is San Japan……

I’m writing this to basically apologize ahead of time. I’m gonna be so swamp that I’m gonna forget people’s name, forget where I am, forget even what time it is ! Out of 12 weekends, 9 weekends I’m out somewhere in the country. 

*whew* !

Good news ? I get to meet cosplayers from coast to coast, travel to cons i’ve never been to before, and make videos everywhere I go, do my photo booth at every stop I make. It’s gonna be epic !

I usually post on my Flickr maps to the dealer hall of each con to where to find me -> http://www.flickr.com/cosplayinamerica

but I’ll be tweeting/Facebooking live so follow my



for my location at each con and around the country….

when i doubt, look for a booth that just sells ONLY wigs. I should pretty much be there. So look Epic Cosplay wigs and you’ll find me sleeping under the table ^^

Come by, make sure I’m still alive….

See y’all at the cons !


If you have no idea what I’m doing, check my site : www.cosplayinamerica.com

(originally posted on May 15, 2011)