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Super Reflex Cos

I’ve been a fan of Kirby games pretty much my entire life. King Dedede was one of my original cosplay ideas when I first started going to cons.  I first experienced and heard of conventions back in 2006 I believe. Thanks to my brother, I was able to go to my first Ohayocon in 2007 and I volunteered and got to experience how cool cosplaying was. In 2011, I finally tried to cosplay thanks to some amazing friends I met freshman year of college. Since then, I’ve learned how to sew, work with wood and foam, make various different pieces of clothing, and even work with makeup.

I actually based the costume off a design I made a while back where I based it off a more japanese-styled traditional outfit. Since he’s a uh, penguin so I took some creative liberties but tried to keep the look so it was still recognizable. I used real velvet for the jacket and on the back, I satin stitched his insignia on the back. For the hammer, I used EVA foam and made a pattern similar to wood panels and used the amiibo as a reference. And used Terraflex for the rim of it to keep it solid.

I’ve learned cosplay is a very important way to expand many horizons. It has opened many doors, introduced me to many great people I can consider friends, and increased my problem-solving skills. Cosplay has also helped me become a much more social person and to take all opportunities I can and use them as much as I can!

Not to be corny, but don’t worry. This isn’t even your final form. It takes a really long time to get good at anything and the best thing to do is at least try. It won’t happen all at once. Let time run its course, keep with it, and keep practicing. And remember to keep having fun and no one can judge you if you’re having fun.

Cosplay is meant to be a fun time dressing up with friends and enjoying all the nerdy stuff we love. Don’t take it so seriously. Have a good time, enjoy your friends, and take it easy!

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