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( photo: BakedKristi )

With my builds, I do my best to pay the ultimate tribute. ‘Toy Story’  has been a franchise that never ceases to take me back to the joys of my childhood. With Buzz Lightyear being my favorite character from the franchise, I decided to pay the ultimate tribute the only way I know how, by bringing him to life.

I couldn’t have prepared for all the love that I received the day I debuted my build! From having younger kids run up and give me the biggest hug, to adults my age smiling from ear to ear because of the nostalgia that my build was able to bring them. 

Even the older Con Goers would stop to tell me how they remember bringing their children to the theater to see the very first film, and to see their face light up just as much as the younger kids that wanted to meet Buzz?….a beyond humbling experience! 

An interaction that stands out was a younger boy asking his mom, “Mom is that really him? Is that the same Buzz from the movie!?” The biggest compliment of the day for me! Other interesting interactions was having the celebrities stop me to take a picture with me lol. An experience I hope to never forget.

The suit took a better part of a year to build. I had a pretty solid idea as to how I was going to go about building every piece, except one…the retractable wings. As the months went on and I inched towards completion, I still couldn’t wrap my head around finding a way to get those wings to pop! It was one accessory that I just could not go without having, it was the ‘wow’ factor. 

Until one day, my Dad pays me a visit. I figure why not tell my old man about this roadblock that I’ve hit, and right away he starts writing down a list of materials to create a pulley system to…you guessed it..get those wings to pop. By using wood as the base, some screw eye hooks & parachute cord, we were able to pull off his battle plan. The Cosplay Contest comes around and my moment has come to show the audience what I got. I reach behind me to pull on the paracord, and boom..it got those wings to pop. I close my eyes and under my breath I say..thank you Dad !


My best bud dragged me to my first  Comic Con in 2012. I was skeptical I must admit,  didn’t think I’d enjoy myself since I knew nothing about Cons and what they were about. All of that flew right out the door the moment I stepped foot in the Con. What drew me in was seeing the level of detail that went into a lot of these Cosplays, and some would take it up a level by acting, sounding & moving like these characters we love, to give you that experience. To see someone step out of their comfort zone to make this happen was like something that I’ve never before. The attention & appreciation that was shown to these Cosplayers by the Con Goers was special to see as well. It was such a welcoming community. I told myself that day, “I’ll be back next year, this time with my own build.”

My favorite Cosplayers are those that take the time to help fellow builders out. Those that teach & share techniques that they’ve learned or come across. With that said, Stefano at @Heroes_Workshop is the first one that inspired me to go for it. Also, guys like @EvilTed_Channel, Bill over at Punished Propsand several others that I’ve learned a great deal from. Those are a few that look up to.

 I’ve learned through cosplay to fully accept who I am. And just like mine & your cosplay builds, we might not be perfect, but we are appreciated when we are with the right people. I’ve also learned that I’m much more resourceful & creative than I thought I was. Cosplay has helped me, and continues to help me during trying times. I find it to be a great stress reliever to go create & build something. 


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