• Otakon 2010

    Okay, hands down, Otakon rules ! I’ve been to 5 cons across America in the past 3 months and I gotta say I really enjoy Otakon this year. Now you’re saying to yourself – how can he know ? He’s in Artist Alley the whole time ! Yup, I was. I racked up 14 hours…

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  • AWA 2009

    It was Sunday morning September 20, 2009 and it was the final day of Anime Weekend Atlanta. Rain had been falling steady the entire time I waas here and I understand that it had rain for a week before I even arrived. Some spots had reached over 12” of rain in a week’s time and rising that…

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  • Behind the Scenes : At the Convention (2009)

    That is my set-up that I’ve taken throughout the country last year on my many trips to various anime conventions across the United States. It’s a simple set-up. One point lighting with a Profoto 7B and a Thunder Grey seamless backdrop. It looks simple but there’s always problems that arises from hauling gear all over…

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    Behind the Scenes : At the Convention (2009)