• Thanks for a great AUstin Cosplay Swap Meet #2

    First of all, whoever posted about this on Craigslist, thank you! From random sampling of folks here, they either heard about it from Facebook, Austin Chronicle or DO512/other local event pages. Definitely a growth from the first event of October 2022 The Dance Space worked out wonderfully so we might come back to it for…

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    Thanks for a great AUstin Cosplay Swap Meet #2

  • Austin Cosplay Swap Meet #2

    This month on June 17, 2023 will be Austin Cosplay Swap Meet #2. Held at Balance Dance Studios off South Lamar Blvd in South Austin The event will run from 12:39-5:30 pm and we still have tables available – they are free, just sign up here. Here is your chance to pick up cosplays, cosplay…

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    Austin Cosplay Swap Meet #2

  • Austin Cosplay Swap Meet #1

    My bad, I didn’t post about this event here but don’t worry, after a rocky start I’m aiming for another event in 2023. Thank you al for showing up! Meanwhile I started a Facebook group for this swap meet.

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    Austin Cosplay Swap Meet #1

  • Think.Nu-IZED

    ACK ! Ive been Think.Nu-ized ! Please check out their comics at !!! Originally posted March 44, 2014

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  • Cosplay Around the World (2014/2022)

    Cosplay Around the World (2014) / 2022 Re-Edit Where the Hell is Matt (2006) inspired me and I thought to myself, why not do that but with cosplayers? The catch was the money. How would I travel around the world to dance with cosplayers? The answer came to me via cons. People visit cons from…

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  • Summer Cons

    I’m bracing for myself for a very busy few months…. You see, Anime Central is next weekend and I’ll be there with Epic Cosplay wigs in the dealer hall with my book “Cosplay in America”, my photo booth, and my sleep-deprived body – lol, come watch Ejen get more and more crazy as he gets…

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  • FIDM Library

    Over the weekend at ALA, someone told me my book was actually at the library of FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) over in downtown LA. Now I’ve heard of FIDM for years but have never gone by. I guess FIDM is like SCAD ? Dunno as I’ve never attend either. So on the…

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    FIDM Library

  • Alternative Covers

    Okay to some of y’all who have been following me for more than a year will remember when I posted 2 different covers on Facebook to ask your opinion around fall of 2009. I showed the cover which y’all know today as well as the lower left cover. What you didn’t know was there was…

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    Alternative Covers

  • Happy Holidays!

    *whew* Things are finally slowing down around here. It is Christmas and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who have supported me this year in whatever way from buying a copy of the book to telling a friend or following me on Facebook. I feel very blessed I had the opportunity…

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  •’s List for 2010

    I was pleasantly surprised today to find out I made’s list for 2010. Really surprised in fact. I never though my book would be mention on a manga site ! Big thanks to Deb for selecting my book ! As the product of over five months of cross-country travel, many hours and hundreds of photographs,…

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