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@Wasted_Fett (Las Vegas, NV)

Once you learn how to make molds and casts in which there’s hundreds of techniques and tons of materials to work with, the most difficult part is actually finding the space for everything and keeping your space clean through proper housekeeping. It’s the most annoying part and the most time consuming part to have to clean up your mess after you’re done.

I had a handle on a couple forums with the name Wasteland. It came from my Arbor snowboard. So I was talking to my boss during a flight we had at work and he thought nino_fett was bland and convinced me to change it to wasted_fett.

It’s tough. I work for 8 hours come home and have to somehow put in hours to either make stuff / package stuff / 3d model new stuff / mold new stuff. And I can’t just do that when I get home from work, I gotta spend time with my kids when they’re here, and my girlfriend too! Time management skills is a must!


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