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Jez Roth (Las Vegas, NV)

Interview conducted by @wintermelin October 2022

I opened up the School of Cosplay in November of 2019, right before covid. And I wanted to open this because I’ve been cosplaying since I was 13 and when we started out back, then there were no tutorials. There was nothing to help us and it was very much a desert of any type of information on cosplay.

Now there are many resources but for a lot of people YouTube and online tutorials, just don’t cut it. They want to have someone there to kind of get them hands-on and pointers of this can go wrong or that can go wrong or you might want to try this.

And I have also judged a lot of Cosplay competitions over the years all over the world and some of them very, very high profile like World Cosplay Summit. And I’d love to give feedback to individuals because it’s not about like, hey, you want you lost? No, no. I get personally invested in those who The time to compete, because here’s an individual, who spent the time and the money, and the energy to do this.

There’s a whole journey that comes before like more so of it before they actually get on stage, which is like a blip, a part of that whole journey of this costume, get arriving there and we love giving feedback because I want to see them grow. I want to see the next generation of cosplayers like get up there and do better and even surpass me and kill it.

I was getting frustrated because I only have two hours to get back to sometimes like 80 or 90 cosplayer with feedback after the con following a cosplay contest. And I said, you know what? We really need some type of mentorship program. We need something where we can turn around, we can really help them. And I know that certain cons, oh senpai-type programs, but I really want this thought of myself. What if I can have a small studio, where I can do feedback and I can do critiques, and I can also like teach them good sewing techniques and the basics and more advanced things like pattern drafting and draping and embellishments and costume care and all that good stuff.

I said, why don’t we just make it all in one place? Which is like epicenter of Cosplay, where it’s a One-Stop shop, where you can come in and bounce between, I refer to us as the four houses where you can bounce between the four houses in between the four of us, we can help you put together an amazing look and that’s what it turned into it turned into this wonderful, creative safe space…

Cosplay Vegas (Gamer Vs Tailor) 3111 S Valley View Blvd F-104, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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