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“I was first introduced to cosplay without knowing what it was. I wanted to see what the conventions were all about and I wanted an excuse to dress up as one of my favorite childhood video game characters, Princess Peach. So I bought a costume, wore it, and had a wonderful time. And since then I’ve been making my own costumes and attending conventions. I’ve learned a lot from this hobby and the people in the community and it’s a big part of who I’ve become today.”


2023 started out with a bang for me. Receiving best in show at Fan Expo New Orleans was a total shock! It’s my first major award having previously received a few judge’s choice awards. If I could bottle up that feeling of hearing my name called for best in show I would.

Shiratori Hime Cosplay (New Orleans, LA)

Miss Marquin
Brett (left) and friend.
(TabbyCatMittens and her mother)