• To Be Others is to be more like ourselves

    By Andrea Letamendi. Why might a person want to become someone else? What would compel them to put on a costume and assume a different identity?  We might ask what flaws or deficits they are trying to conceal. What history, what personality, what kind of life are they trying to escape? What are they hiding…

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  • How Cosplay Can Change Lives

    By: Liz Ohanesian Ginger Burton remembers the first anime convention she attended. It was Anime Expo back in 2007. While Burton knew about anime, she was unfamiliar with cosplay.  Cosplay is when people dress up in costumes, frequently based on pop culture characters, for fan events. Halloween costumes aren’t cosplay, although someone might bust out…

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  • There is nothing ordinary about cosplay.

    There is nothing ordinary about cosplay. Whether it’s the character’s personality or the costume, the end result is always larger than life—not that cosplayers would ever have it any other way. But both the inspiring art and the craft behind cosplay are neither solely historical costuming nor modern fashion: cosplay is the fusion of tradition…

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