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Toni Darling (Phoenix, AZ)

The biggest misconception is that everyone will make tons and tons of money. That just isn’t true for most people. The hardest thing for most girls to accept, I think, is that there is no fail proof formula for success and a lot of ‘who makes it’ is luck.

I am not saying that a strong work ethic and good sales and business practices aren’t important, its just that you could have great costumes, photos, sales and business techniques and plans… but sometimes people just don’t take the bait. This industry is fickle and unpredictable.

While there are some definite formulas for success once you have the interest of the public, there is also an element of sheer luck at play. I always tell new girls- don’t quit your day job…. at least not for a long while. I invested thousands of dollars in to my business before it came self sustaining. And even then, I got lucky with Thor and might not have gotten here without it.

This is a business where you need to not only have ‘the X Factor’ but you must also make significant investments in yourself, your products and your brand. It is not for the faint of heart, or for someone looking to become famous or make a quick buck.

(originally posted on 2015)

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