• @goddessradiance (Atlanta, GA)

    (photo: @I_love_cosplay) The response was amazing! Young and old recognized me. Truly. Sometimes I had younger people asking for photos to send to their parents. Sometimes they just told me they watched the movie and it terrified them. My generation or older told me how much the movie affected them and their fears. Birds are…

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    @goddessradiance (Atlanta, GA)

  • Anime Expo 1993 Masquerade

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part IIby Enrique Conty, age 26. Posted July 9, 1993. Masquerade:– Costumes I saw outside of the masquerade include Kurotowa (from lastyear’s masquerade), a Tank Police officer, Kyoko Otonashi (“Gambattekudasai, ne!”), Ataru Moroboshi (with a Lum doll), Sasuke fromRANMA 1/2 in street clothes (no, wait, that was me…)– Walter…

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    It was directed by Luise Petti, with Bjo Trimble as a consultant who suggested designs and helped those making their own costumes. Elizabeth Pickering, a Star Trek model, brought to the con by Gene Roddenberry to promote the premiere, also appeared, as well as helping out backstage. Bio Trimble: John and I were going to Tricon in Cleveland, 1966, to set up…

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  • There is nothing ordinary about cosplay.

    There is nothing ordinary about cosplay. Whether it’s the character’s personality or the costume, the end result is always larger than life—not that cosplayers would ever have it any other way. But both the inspiring art and the craft behind cosplay are neither solely historical costuming nor modern fashion: cosplay is the fusion of tradition…

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  • Helen McCarthy (UK)

    (Transcript of original audio interview we recorded at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2010 that aired on the Tokyo Tower Show that same year.) Zippy: We get the pleasure now to speak to the lovely Helen McCarthy, who is gracing us with her presence. [She’s] been pretty busy at the convention so far. You’ve been to AWA…

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