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Tricon 1966 Masquerade

Masquerade is generally the term used for the costume contest but I noticed Costume Ball is listed on the pocket program and program book.

“The costume ball, which was really a ball, with a small platform to one side to let people show off their costumes.” remembered Leslie Turek in a 2004 article.

These images are from the Jay Kay Klein Collection hosted at the University of California – Riverside.

Cory Seidman : My costume (which, for lack of anything better, I described as “Dryad”) consisted primarily of black tights, a sort of tunic with leaves sewn all over it, more leaves in my hair, and lots of green eye shadow. [source]

Judges panel from left (seated front row): Fred Patten, Frederik Pohl, Carol Pohl, Joni Stopa, Jon Stopa, and unidentified man. George Scithers seated on stage with microphone. 


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