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Last year, I stumbled upon a Jay Kay Klein’s photos of the 24th World-con held in Cleveland in 1966.Jay Kay Klein photographs and papers on science fiction fandom collection at the University of California-Riverside contains close to 65,000 negatives donated by Klein before his death in 2012. Around 6,000 are available to view online,

Listed in the pocket program book are two events of interest to cosplayers. Costume Ball at 8 pm on Saturday night and the “A Galaxy of Fashion” fashion show at 4 pm on Sunday. I don’t see the Masquerade listed but I believe it is part of the Costume Ball.



Gene Roddenberry promoted “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” on Monday night and final day of the convention.

He recall “I was nervous, particularly when I saw them watching other films that were shown before, and stomping and laughing. I finally got to my feet and said, “Is anybody going to say whether they like it or not?”, and it was only afterward that the applause began.


Elizabeth Pickering was one of the models bought to promote Star Trek.

Officially, the convention ran from Sept 2-5, 1966 but unofficially on Thursday, registration desk opened at 6 pm with warm-up party at 8 pm.

Listed in the program book was “Books and Magazine Displays” in Circus Bar Room and WhiteHall Room which also housed the Project Art Show. Is it me or is this the same guy in all these photos?

One thing I noticed at today’s convention are congoers taking a break and sitting on the floor in groups. To my surprise, congoers in the 1980s were doing exactly the same thing!

There’s something magically about hanging out with new friends in the early mornings of a convention where friendships are made among with plentiful of beverages.

In the pocket program, there are Beer Party listed for Friday, Saturday, Sunday night at 11 pm, each hosted by a different group. This doesn’t count the Thursday Warm Up Party and Monday’s Farewell Party as well as any non-official room parties.

It isn’t a convention until someone is found asleep in the hallway.