• Kathleen Donnelly, Mercury News

    Animation that’s for adults only By Kathleen DonnellyMercury News Entertainment Writer IF THE turnout at AnimeCon – a convention for fans of Japaneseanimation – is an indication, Americans will soon be watching animated couples do what comes naturally. And we’re not talking about Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny, either. About 3,000 lovers of Japanese animation…

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  • noel Gamboa

    The con was rad. The dealer’s room was alright; most of thedealers there I’ve already seen at the San Diego Comic Con, with the exception of U.S. Manga Corps and Gainax/General Products. Manga Corps’”I Give It All” video was hilarious, and they had some rad Dominion posters up. General Products had some awesome stuff (call…

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  • Brian Flynn

    The early anime cons (A-kon, Anime con’91, Anime expo’92) were all about the experience, because it was new for everyone. From finding new merch that you had never seen before, getting to know new people by posting, or answering a flier on the bulletin board in the hotel lobby looking to trade tapes. Making fun…

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