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  • Kryten (California)

    Kryten (California)

    Sure, well the reason I picked the Doctor was pretty much when I was in college a friend of mine…


  • MelPool (Washington DC)

    MelPool (Washington DC)

    So last year when I was with my family over Christmas break, I binge watched Young Justice on Netflix. When…


  • Stephen (UTAH)

    Stephen (UTAH)

    I have only kind of dabbled in cosplay. I don’t go to a ton of cons because of money, but…


  • Shasta (Anchorage, AK)

    Shasta (Anchorage, AK)

    After binge watching Dragon ball super, I was excited to see a new females character introduced in the series, Vados.…


  • Amanda Werner

    Amanda Werner

    Meet Amanda Werner, financial reform crusader. On Wednesday, former Equifax CEO Richard Smith testified before the Senate Banking Committee…. Today,…


  • Jacen


    My favorite experience while cosplaying Cheryl from Archer would have to be at KrakenCon last November when there was a…


  • Chunky Cosplay (Anchorage, AK)

    Chunky Cosplay (Anchorage, AK)

    So, at first Maybel Pines started off as just a simple costume just to provide some more content on mymusical.ly…


  • Scrapper Costuming (New York)

    Scrapper Costuming (New York)

    media @making.with.megan The Classic Batman TV series, to my memory was my first real exposure to superhero media- my parents…


  • Ubehime (Florida)

    Ubehime (Florida)

    Photo: DTJAAAAM DW has become so integrated into my experience as a cosplayer because she reminds me to never forget…


  • Highway Just Cos (North Carolina)

    Highway Just Cos (North Carolina)

    Photo : Jessi Jetsom. To me, it started out as a ‘just because’ project since Silverhawks didn’t seem to be…


  • MJ


    I’d been cosplaying for a couple of years when I did my first “joke” cosplay, which was Pokémon Go themed,…


  • DJ Croft (Atlanta, GA)

    DJ Croft (Atlanta, GA)

    Photo : @mandragora_media I’ve always wanted to be Lara Croft because of how strong, confident, bold, and how fun she…


  • Consuela Cosplay

    Consuela Cosplay

    The character of Consuela was actually suggested to me by a close friend when I was looking for a cosplay…


  • Marc Kandel (NEW YORK)

    Marc Kandel (NEW YORK)

    Photo: @Miggychagon Iron Man, the Silver Centurion and later the Modular armor, were chosen as all my builds are, from…


  • adri.nyan


    Photo:@climacam People kept asking if there was real food in the bucket/peach mango pie container! I told them “No, don’t…


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